KOHASA Engineering provides  Mechanical capabilities in specifications, mechanisations and equipment manufacturing support , with the discipline apparently sub-divided into:

Rotating Machinery, Static Equipment, Package Equipment and Building Services (HVAC & Plumbing).

Rotating equipment:

  • Pumps (Centrifugal, Positive displacement), Compressors, Turbine Engine drivers, Fan & Blowers, Mixers, Extruders and Rotary Filters Specifications, Vendor follow-up and Inspections

Static equipment:

  • Vessels, Tanks (Pressure API 650 & atmospheric API 620), Separators, Reactors, Columns. Review of Vendor fabrication calculations, follow-up, Inspections.

Package equipment:

  • Energy Packages, Utility packages, Flares, Heaters, Cranes &Hoist, Belts & conveyors, Ejectors, HVAC.